Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweetie Spaghetti and San Francisco

Tonight Jay made dinner and it was delicious. Meanwhile, I played a lot of Sim Creators on my Nintendo DS. That game is so addictive that I didn’t know what was going on in the kitchen. You can imagine my shock when he showed me dinner.

Did he really cook the frozen veggies with the pasta noodles?!?!?! Yum, yes he did. Once I got over the horror, I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. Not my favorite way to cook frozen veggies, but it definitely worked!! This truly shows that anyone can cook! Cooking just takes a little confidence and creativity!


Now for a little recap of San Francisco, the first stop on our California Adventure. We only had about 36 hours in the city. Believe it or not, a few days out I still hadn’t planned our activities. I had the hotel rooms and campsites booked but completely slacked on making my lists of potential attractions in the city. Thankfully, Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats posted her Top Ten Things to do in San Francisco (and no I wasn’t the one who asked her). Upon her suggestion we went to Bourbon and Branch the first night.

The next morning we woke up at a normal hour considering our flight the day before and Day Light Savings time (Did you have problems Springing Forward?). We ventured around the city for the morning since it was Sunday before 10 am and I thought the crooked part of Lombard Street was at the wrong end…


Then we explored Ghirardelli Square just in time for the Ghirardelli Shop to open…


which was perfect since no trip to Ghirardelli is complete without chocolate!!! It was a cooler day with rain in the forecast, so I opted for the Caramel Sea Salt Hot Chocolate while Jay enjoyed his Peanut Butter Chocolate Sundae.


After our tummies were full of chocolate we explored Hyde Street Pier and saw lots of boats. I was actually impressed with the house boat. I think I could actually enjoy living on one.


By far my favorite experience in San Francisco was riding the cable cars. We bought an all day pass (which is good on all forms of San Fran public transportation) and rode the Cable Cars every chance we got!


We rode the Cable Car right to the top of Lombard Street and the crooked-est street in the world. Yes, we finally got there!!


And we found our lunch stop too! For lunch we ate at John’s Grill. The choice was a complete fluke, but we loved it. It is one of the oldest establishments in San Fran!! Who knew? I had the Jack Lalanne’s Favorite Salad topped with Dungeness Crab. It wasn’t my Maryland Blue Crab but it was definitely a great substitute!


After another ride on the Cable Car, we explored Fisherman’s Wharf. I was actually a little disappointed with this tourist attraction. I have to admit it was probably due to our full tummies and the rain, but still.


With all the rain, after the Wharf we got in the car and looked for the Tanner’s house from Full House. Yes, we really did… and we were so determined that I went to two different addresses. For all of you wondering, the actual house is at '1709 Broderick Street' NOT '1882 Girard Street'. Let’s just say 1882 Girard Street does not exist and the surrounding houses do not match the Tanner feel.


We ended our night at the Fog City Diner. I had a Vegetarian Pasta with Winter Veggies. Hmmm-Hmmm delicious.

DSCN6849fog city dinner

The next morning before we headed out of the city we dropped by the Painted Ladies. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


And then over the Golden Gate Bridge we went!


I hope you enjoyed an overview of San Francisco. I’ll be back tomorrow with our trip to Muir Woods.