Monday, March 21, 2011

Drying out

I’m back!!! I hope y’all enjoyed my travel recaps. You can find all my international travel posts below, just in case you missed them:

Me and Oma 1987

And a special shout-out to my Oma, Happy Birthday!!!!

After a rainy rainy rainy vacation, I spent today drying out and preparing to go back to work tomorrow. Of the 9 days we were in California, it rained 7 days!!! Crazy right, especially since all our Cali friends tell us the weather is usually beautiful there. Our last day of vacation (when we were supposed to be enjoying Manhattan Beach), LA saw over 4 inches of rain. Jay and I ended up renting a car and touring LA, which worked out great. More updates on the actual trip later this week.  Tonight you just get a nice view of our living room (aka camping air-out arena) and a Greek detox meal.


Now, I am normally not the detox type, but after this vacation my body really wanted some veggies. Luckily, just prior to vacation Jay and I fell in love with Taverna Cretekou, a Greek Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. By far, my favorite dish is their vegetarian special (which they will always prepare so don’t be scared to ask!!!).


The dish is super simple and very delicious. Just grill Eggplant, Squash, Zuchinni, Peppers ad Tomato in Olive Oil and top with Feta Cheese and Olives. I know it isn’t rocket science, but it makes a very visually appealing meal and tastes delicious!


More to come tomorrow on our California Trip and some fun meals using similar ingredients!!