Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bath, England–January 2008

Bath, England was originally established as a spa resort for the Romans. Bath is located on the River Avon at the only natural hot springs in the United Kingdom. Besides the cities fascinating hybrid history, the architecture is also very appealing. The limestone buildings were designed using Roman architecture, creating a unique and gorgeous looking city.


Like York, in Bath we also took advantage of a guided tour by a local volunteer passionate about his city. I would recommend looking into such tours in both cities. They were both fascinating and provided a unique angle to each destination.


One site you can not miss is the Pulteney Bridge (also called the Little Ponte Vecchio). This bridge crosses the River Avon and was inspired by the Ponte Vecchio and Ponte di Rialto in Florence and Venice, Italy. The bridge is worth visiting but is tiny in comparison to the bridges of Italy.


We also spent a good deal of time at the Bath Abbey.


While the inside of the Abbey was interesting, I enjoyed the outside architecture. Look at to the picture below. Do you see the angels climbing Jacob’s Ladder? The angels are climbing the ladder between Earth and the Heavens. Look closely now, do you notice that the angels are climbing in both directions?


The final main tourist attraction I will recommend is the Roman Baths. I was amazed how well preserved the Roman Baths were!! It was really cool to go through the museum and see how far down they were and feel the warmth. Once you have completed the tour you can even wander into the Grand Pump Room and taste some of the Bath water.


While our last stop in Bath isn’t a true tourist attraction, it was fun for Jay and I to find. My mom studied abroad in Bath in college and gave us the address of her flat. We could not resist and had to stop by for one final photo opportunity!


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my international adventures. I will be back tomorrow with the beginning of many recap posts of our wonderful trip to California!!