Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Social Network

As I mentioned yesterday, tonight Jay and I saw The Social Network (yes that is linked to my brother's movie review so go check it out!). This was our second visit to the Arlington Drafthouse, on our last visit was in May and we saw Alice in Wonderland. I have to saw, I really love this theatre. I love being able to order a pitcher of PBR, popcorn and watch a movie for the same price as your chain multiplex. The best part, is I am also supporting a local business! DC readers, please check out this theatre!!

Due to the ice this morning, yoga was canceled... :( so I promptly turned around and did my at home 30 min yoga. Good thing I live across the street!!!

For dinner, we had Jenna's Black Eyed Pea Stew, which I had made Friday night. This meal was not only straight forward to make, but it also froze and reheated well! I love making huge batches on the weekend and eating healthy frozen food during the week! YUM!

Did you make any healthy freezer food this weekend? What did you make?

Have you seen The Social Network? What did you think?

I loved the movie! I thought it was well done and really captured the characters. But, I am also very torn about the Mark Zuckerberg character. What do you think about him?

The main reason I wanted to see the movie is because I attended Boston University around the time Facebook was created. I loved the Boston scenes as it brought back college memories!