Thursday, December 2, 2010

Parsley FAIL

I think this Whole Foods bag describes this dinner perfectly!!

Because, this meal definitely has a story!!

Tonight, I made another Rachael Ray meal from her new cookbook, the Cob Pasta Toss. Tonight, Rachael's meals turned out a lot better than mine!

I used the recipe more as a guideline than following it by the book tonight. I started by baking cherry tomatoes and bacon at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. I decided to cut my tomatoes because I didn't have as many! When the tomatoes were done I turned on the broiler and left the bacon in for another 5 minutes.

I then cooked the chicken to her specifications, but not her quantity.

I then chopped up some scallions and cut up an avocado.

I added in the tomatoes.

And then squeezed in a little lemon!

After the pasta cooked and drained I added two tablespoons of ranch dressing and mixed it in. Rachael ray added Blue Cheese at the end, but neither of us are fans so this was my substitution.

This where the FAIL came in... at this point Jay walked in the door and started helping. I love when he does that!!! Tonight I was a little distracted... and I guess I just gave him the "uh huh honey" and "yeah, that sounds great." Next thing I know, all of my fresh parsley was in the bowl. I should have tried to salvage some, but I didn't. Oh well! Can't cry over split Parsley... I mean milk.

And then it was time to eat... Parsley!!

Yeah, that is a lot of Parsley!!! At least this little herb is packed with Vitamins and minerals. I think I will be skipping my multi-vitamin tonight!

Ok, some of it, no a lot of the Parsley was not eaten.

Tell me about your most recent kitchen blunder.