Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Falling off the Band Wagon

The hardest part about the Holidays is staying fit! Jay and I did pretty well until Friday when we failed to go on our 5 mile run and as a result went on a shorter than anticipated on Sunday. Yesterday morning followed suit, when my alarm went off on silent (thank you new phone!). Thankfully I naturally woke up around the time I would be getting out of the shower. No morning run for me :(

After a not so great day at work, I came home and skipped yoga in order to have a healthy dinner with Jay, Leftover Chicken Stir Fry.

We buy our chicken tenders frozen and in bulk. I love chicken tenders because they are soo much easier to deal with. You have more control over the portion size, they are easier to chop and thaw out. Tonight I just threw them in a Tupperware container with hot water pouring over them. They were thawed out enough to be chopped in less than five minutes.

Once the chicken was chopped I doused it in Teriyaki Sauce and threw it on the stove until cooked through.

Next up, lots and lots of vegetables! We used a healthy mix of fresh and frozen veggies depending on what else we need the veggies for that week.

I threw it all in a fry pan and let it cook away. You can tell I didn't thaw the frozen veggies from the billowing steam!

After about 5 minutes, I transfered the stir fry to a larger pot and added the rice. The rice makes this Leftover Chicken Stir Fry. Jay's parents love to send us home with leftovers. This holiday weekend we came home with 2 plates of cookies, 1 plate of brownies, 1 gallon size bag of fudge, 1 quart size bag of bacon, 1 Tupperware of Apple Sauce, 1 Tupperware of Sweet Potato Casserole and 1 Tupperware of Rice (and that does not include what they gave us for our drive back)! They also tried to give us a pie but thankfully Jay's sister took it. Needless to say my coworkers and Jay's classmates came into baked good heaven this morning. Do your parents send you home with leftovers?

When I unpacked the cooler after our long drive I had to start thinking of some creative dishes to use up our leftovers. The rice seemed like the perfect ingredient for this dish, especially since I now generally substitute rice for Quinoa or Millet.

I think the yellow rice looked great in the pot with all the veggies!

I kind of made a mess with the Teriyaki Sauce... at least it is an easy clean-up!

After another 5 minutes with the rice on medium, my Leftover Chicken Stir Fry was ready to serve!

And boy was it delicious!

Unfortunately, today was not a different story! I skipped yoga (again) for an extra hour of sleep and did not feel well. I stayed home today in hopes to recover quickly, I do have two races planned for this month! I may have to reevaluate my goal times...

How do you stay in shape during the Holiday season?