Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday afternoon bike ride

Sorry to bring y'all back to last weekend, but I have to tell you about this picturesque day.

After we dropped Luke off at the airport on Sunday, Jay and I headed to my parents house to pick up my bike. We barely got it to fit in my car!

This bike and I go way back! I got this bike in middle school and would ride it to my best friend, Abbie's, house. At the time this was a BIG DEAL, because Abbie lived a good mile away. But, as I started high school, my poor bike was neglected.

My senior year of college, Jay convinced me to bring my bike down to the south to ride with him in the summer. Great idea, until I flipped over my handle bars! I showed up on my first day of my Managerial Level Internship with a skinned chin and palms. I looked so professional!

After that incident, I have been hesitant to ride my bike. That summer, Jay and I would ride around campus and a nice neighborhood in the heart of Columbia, but otherwise the poor thing collected dust.

When I moved to DC, I left my bike at the parents house. I found that I was too timid to ride on the narrow streets of Alexandria. There was just too much going on!

Flash forward to today!

Since we moved and I have started running the Mount Vernon Trail, I have realized that bike riding in DC isn't all that scary after all. I decided that I would make it a goal to start riding my bike once a week while the weather is still nice. I was supposed to bring my bike back last weekend, but I had way too much stuff in my car. Oops! So, Sunday, Jay and I finally drove up and got it! He also managed to convince me to go on a ride with him.

Here I am with my bike at Gravelly Point! I didn't even fall once :) You like my helmet? I think I decorated it in middle school!

No Gravelly Point post is complete without an airplane shot!

Gravelly Point is right off the George Washington Parkway and next to Reagan National Airport. On Sunday, it was packed with families enjoying a nice bike ride, stroll or picnic and watching the planes land. It always amazes me how many people are on this trail.

From Gravelly Point we headed into the city. I got to see all my favorite men, Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln, to name a few. We also rode up to the Capitol Building. I am soo glad we finally picked up my bike!

Oh and how cool is this picture! When Jay and I rode past the Washington Monument we saw these two trash cans. Isn't it refreshing to see the recycle bin full?!?!?!? and the trash can was practically empty!

It is nice to live in a environmentally responsible city!

Do you ride your bike? Where do you like to ride?