Friday, August 27, 2010

Stairs, stairs and bicycles

This morning, Jay and I woke up "early" aka 8:00 a.m. and headed down to the board walk to ride bikes.

I have grown up at Ocean City, thanks to my grandparents condo. I learned to crawl, walk and swim down at the OC ocean, but I have only rode bikes on the Board Walk once before.

Jay loves riding his bike. He rode his bike throughout undergrad and he continues to ride his bike to grad school at least twice a week.

I on the other hand, have acquired a hesitancy towards bikes. The summer between my senior year of college and grad school, I had the joy of being flipped over my bike and skidding across the pavement on my chin. Remarkably, I only skinned my knee, busted up the palm of my hand and had a lovely scrape on my chin for my first day of my "managerial internship". 20 points go to me.

Now, my little bike accident taught me one thing, only ride a maintained bike. After the accident I took my bike for a tune up and learned the whole thing would have been prevented if my brake was more secure...

Thankfully, this bike ride was more successful, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Besides bike riding and a nice 3 mile run the day before, Jay found it upon ourselves the mission (or maybe challenge) to walk up (or down) the stairs during our trip.

Here is Jay climbing the last two flights!!! I would love to say I beat him, but I strained my calf muscle walking up and down the day before.

This is where you should start to wonder what floor we are on that I actually managed to strain a muscle climbing stairs... My grandparents condo is on the 12th floor. Yes, the 12th floor... 12 flights of stairs. Apparently, my calves don't like going up about 6 times (72 flights?) and down about 8 times (96 flights) in one day.

Jay was smarter and wasn't as obsessive on day one, and therefore made it through day two.

What amazes is me, is that even though we did a lot of exercise on vacation, I still felt relaxed! Lately, I have been having issues enjoying my run. On this vacation I thoroughly enjoyed my run, my walks, my bike ride and even the stairs. Hopefully, I will now be able to appropriately train for the 10mile run I have coming up in October!!!

What do you do on vacation to stay in shape?