Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beach burgers and grilled veggies

Welcome to "Little Ocean Hideaway" or my grandparents condo at the beach.

In an effort to be more healthy, and pinch a few pennies, Jay and I tried to eat in during our mini-vaca.

We brought our left over veggies from the week and grilled them. I love grilled asparagus!! I also added some evoo (extra virgin olive oil), cauliflower, sweet red peppers and salt and pepper.

Ok, so it is more like sauteed veggies, still delicious!

Accompanying our veggies, we had burgers (therefore dubbed beach burgers, solely due to the location of consumption).

This beach burger feature chipotle hummus, swiss cheese and lettuce. Yum! and look at that beautiful piece of cauliflower.

Cooked perfectly!

We also had some Kirkland beer with our supper. Kirkland beer is Costco brand. We only picked it because it had the most variety (Hefeweizen, Amber, Pale Ale and German Lager). I have to say each of the beers was just a touch too hoppy for me. I still wish we went for the Bud Light variety pack (Bud Light, Bud Wheat and Bud Light Lime), but since neither of us really like Bud Light (just the varieties), it did not make sense.

And our lovely view...

When you are on vacation, do you like to cook in or eat out?