Thursday, June 17, 2010

Training before Lunch

My main goal this week was to get back on track. A difficult feat I must say. Monday I slept in because I had a little too much fun at the beach. Tuesday I ran with Jay. I forgot how much I missed having a running partner in the mornings. I think I need that extra motivator! Both Tuesday and Wednesday, I ran 3.5 miles (yay!). But, I have indeed been slacking on my goal to go on a long run once a week.

My new motivator is my cousin. My cousin who is a good 15 years older than myself ran a 1/2 marathon in June! I am so proud of her for taking on this goal! The most remarkable part is she started training in April! Jay and I will be visiting her and her husband over the long July 4th weekend.

Above is my lunch which includes my tradition fridge in a salad, fruit and yogurt. This week blueberries were 2 for $4... or $2 each (an easy purchase). My 10 a.m. snack has therefore transformed from a solid piece of fruit to blueberries and granola. This week fridge in a salad includes bacon, chicken, corn, egg, broccoli and the usual tomato, cucumber, red pepper and shredded cheese.

Bacon tip: instead of frying your bacon resulting in a greasing up your kitchen and smoking up your apartment, try baking your bacon at 375 for 10 to 15 minutes. Maybe bacon is called that because you are supposed to bake it?