Monday, August 13, 2012



This week Jay and I have the fun task of finishing off all our perishable food before our month long honeymoon (try not to be to jealous). Last week Jay bought a large pack of soft taco shells for one of our meals. As soon as I saw them I knew lots of tacos were in our future! With the need to eat them, I quickly came up with a quick fix. Pizzadillas!



  • Pizza sauce or your favorite marinara sauce
  • Plain hummus
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Your favorite pizza toppings (we used mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni and tomatoes)
  • Soft Taco Shells
  • Spray Olive Oil


1. Warm your pan on medium-high and sauté your vegetables in oil. As a general rule, I sauté all my veggie pizza toppings except tomatoes.


2. Prepare your pizzadillas. Start by spreading a thin coat of hummus on your soft taco shells, add about 1 tablespoons of sauce (if any) and then top with 1/8 cup of cheese. We learned the hard way that less is definitely more when it comes to pizzadillas.


3. Top with pizza toppings and then add little more cheese. Just enough to form a good seal between the top soft shell taco and your toppings.

4. Spray pan with oil and lay your first pizzadilla on your pan, top with second soft taco shell and cook for about 2-5 minutes on medium heat (depending on how hot your pan is).


5. Spray the top shell with oil and flip your pizzadilla and let cook another 2-5 minutes.

6. Repeat until all your pizzadillas are cooked. The more pizzadillas you cook, the shorter the time will be for cooking, depending on your pans hotness.

7. Let cool about 2 minutes, slice (with a pizza cutter of course!) and enjoy by dipping in the left over pizza sauce.


We made four Pizzadillas: Pepperoni, Mushroom, Pepper and Tomato. They were delicious but the more sauce the more messy they are to eat. As I mentioned above, less is definitely more for this recipe. Jay went a little topping heavy on our Tomato Pizzadilla and it was slipping all over the place.

What is your favorite hybrid recipe?