Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Packing for an Extended Vacation

I can't believe we leave tomorrow! Thankfully we started evaluating what we needed in July. When we were without of power over the Fourth of July, Jay and I took the opportunity to use up some gift cards, get out of the heat and buy a few things we needed for our trip. Those trips paid off, because packing this past week has been a breeze.


Because we were in a softball tournament last weekend, we started packing the weekend before. We picked out all the clothes we thought we wanted, washed our clothes and then reevaluated. I would never say Jay and I are minimalists, but we definitely aren't heavy packers either. I think because we had a good idea of what we're doing and what to bring we didn't really need to repack (which is usually what happens to me).

We are gone a total of 25 days. We are visiting 2 foreign countries with a stopover in LA. Thankfully, two of our locations have similar weather and dress codes. I packed a bikini, 2 dresses, shorts, jeans and a cute top to wear in both LA and Sydney Australia. Both of these locations were staying in a real bed, with real facilities. I also have 5 plain shirts and a cardigan to pair with my outfits for both LA/Sydney and New Zealand.


In New Zealand, we're staying our entire 17 day journey in a campervan. The campervan is nice because we never have to lug our luggage from destination to destination, it will always be with us. While we are in New Zealand, we could see temperatures ranging from 30 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. We're also doing a slew of activities from kayaking to hiking to swimming to drinking beer. Obviously, these activities require specific gear so that helped narrow down what we needed and what we don't need.

For New Zealand I am brining a one piece speedo, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of convertible hiking pants (one to shorts, one to capris), 5 go-dry tops, 1 running shirt, 1 quick dry zip-up, 1 North face jacket and a rain jacket.


Another thing we are doing on our trip is bringing things we can leave behind. Both Jay and I have been hoarding our old underwear this past year to take with us and not bring back. We also packed an old fleece and towel each that won't come home.

Now I am off to clean off all our SD cards and some final packing. I can’t believe we leave tomorrow!

What are your packing strategies?