Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WIAW: With Minimal Workouts

This week I have had to scale back my workouts to let my stitches heal. Therefore I have been a little more conscious about what I am putting in my mouth. The only problem, I tend to be worse when I am trying hard to be good. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

After a short run/walk, I had coffee and oatmeal with flax seed meal, dried cranberries, almond butter and white chocolate chips for breakfast.

IMG_1701 (640x480)

For my lunch and snacks, I packed a banana, grapes and a salad. Sadly I ate it all by 1 p.m.

photo 1 (612x612)

This where I got in trouble. We have chocolate chip cookies at work, so I had one of those. Later I went to Whole Foods for a few groceries and picked up a berry crumble bar.

photo 2 (640x640)

To get back on track, I finished the day with a Mexican themed salad with chips on the side. In the mix, lettuce, red pepper, mushrooms, shredded Mexican blend cheese, pinto beans and baked sweet potato seasoned with curry and cayenne pepper, topped with some pico de gallo.

IMG_1702 (640x480)

So I did… only ok. Not the worse day on the books, but definitely not the best. Good thing there is always tomorrow!

Are you better about what you eat when you really think about it or when you naturally fall into a rhythm?