Thursday, June 24, 2010

In omnia paratus

I have decided that a good omelet can help me get ready for anything! Too bad I had my omelet in the evening instead of the morning.

Today was my rest day, but since I had an unplanned 1/2 a bagel at work and a cookie or two after dinner, I hopped on the bike while watching Gilmore Girls.

ABC Family is now showing the 5th season of Gilmore Girls. I do not own this season on DVD, which adds to the pressure to watch it daily. Plus, it is one of my favorite seasons because Luke and Lorelai (finally) get together and Rory (or Ace) meets Logan.

After 30 minutes on the bike and of Gilmore Girls (I missed the beginning of the show beacause I left work late...) I headed to my apartment for my favorite eat-alone meal since Jay is sailing tonight, an omelet.

Tonight's omelet included spinach, tomatoes, red pepper and Parmesan cheese. It was tasty indeed and was accompanied by milk and protein enhanced bread.

My little brother is on a calcium kick. Reminding me when I was home this weekend that my body will start deteriorating at the age of 30. This some how morphed into the fact that I need to drink lots of calcium (which is probably true).

I just found the entire conversation funny, since I am probably one of the healthiest eaters I know (besides my friend who is an RD).

My typical day includes:
Breakfast - High Fiber cereal in milk and COFFEE
Mid morning snack - fruit (usually a banana)

Lunch -
salad with loads of veggies and some lean protein (yum!)
Afternoon snack -
- varies but usually is low on carbs, has lots of veggies and protein
I do have a sweet tooth and cheat occasionally... I did have two cookies today and a chocolate bar earlier this week. It is amazing that I have made it this far without ice cream (my favorite guilty pleasure). Hence the reasons why I love to run.

At the beach this weekend (probably eating ice cream)!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?