Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation weekend 3 of 5

This past weekend, Jay and I went to my grandparents condo in Ocean City, Maryland. It was especially nice, because was we had the place to ourselves Saturday for a little R&R and had good friends to hang out with in the evening. Plus, I managed to finish my book for book club on Wednesday!

The highlight of the trip was definitely mini golf.

Ok, actually, it really wasn't. The Jolly Roger, jungle golf has gone down hill. I think the worst part was you could tell they redid the course, but for the worst?!?!?! Why bother?!?!?

Besides mini golf with our friends Meredith and Andy, we also all had a nice dinner at Macky's, ice cream at Dumser's and rode the OC bus. Overall, I felt like we covered all our OC basis with them!

Sunday, Jay and I hung out at the beach all day and consequently both of us burned. My parents arrived the evening before, so we had Jay and my favorite pizza with my parents from Lombardi's.

No run today, I needed to get a good night sleep in my own bed. Hopefully, 4 miles tomorrow morning and Jay is even thinking about going with me!