Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting Ready

Let me start with how hard it is the create photo collages in Paint. I know I probably lost about half of you with that sentence, but I really didn’t want this post to become consumed with tons of photographs, I wanted it to capture the essence of us getting ready with collages.

As most of you know, the boys take no time at all. For Jay and his guys we chose to go with suits instead of tuxes because it matched our overall feel better. We used Studio Suits online because they gave us the best bang for our buck.

We had the groomsmen purchase their suit jacket and pants through Studio Suits and Jay got a vest too. We also bought the guys bow ties (navy for the groomsmen, light blue for the groom) and fun argyle socks. A girl has to give in to the current wedding trends.

jay getting ready

I can’t wait until next week when I can show off their portraits. They were certainly goofy but we got some great shots of the three boys.

My girls and I started getting ready around 10 am that morning while sipping on Mimosas. I hired Ashley from Up Do’s for I Do to come do all of our hair. She was great!


Then we all did our own make-up. You may remember that I deliberated about doing my own make-up. I even had a make-up trial done. In the end, I am so glad I did my own make-up. I felt like the pictures really show me how I am and how I look. Not that Up Do’s for I Do don’t do a great job, they do, I just feel like I look good the way I normally do my make-up.

Charlotte did help me with my liquid eyeliner (while straddling me, of course). After my bridal shower/bachelorette party I came to love liquid eyeliner because it gives a clean line.  I was afraid, however, that I’d be too shaky the morning of to put it on correctly. I am so glad I had Charlotte do it, she did a great job and put on the perfect amount (more than I would have but enough that was appropriate for photographs).

My dress was from David’s Bridal. I paired it with a champagne colored sash to match Jay’s suit. The funny part about the sash is I left it as a “game day” decision. I always intended to use the champagne one until about week before when I debated about using the white one that came with it. In the end, our photographer made the final call because it really made the two of us look like a pair.  Just like I imagined (why do I ever doubt myself, right?).

Dani Leigh Photography

I have to say I am also really lucky I had a bridesmaid who is crafty. Charlotte did a phenomenal job tying my sash. I never realized how rare this was until our photographer said how impressed she was (and you know she sees a lot of bows being tied).

One of the BIG selling points of The Elkridge Furnace Inn, is their Lunar Room where the bridal party gets ready. While the room definitely did not sell the location to me, I have to say my favorite portraits of myself are taken in that room.

Dani Leigh Photography

As for my accessories: I am wearing my mom’s pearl necklace and pearl drop earrings and Charlotte made my flower and bracelet. You all know the story about how I bought new shoes a month before the wedding, but I also attached a sixpence to the bottom of my shoes. The sixpence attached to the left shoe is supposed to bring you wealth (and we need it with Jay’s student loans). I attached one with the year of my grandparent’s anniversary (1941) to my shoe. As you can tell, we are really into honoring our family, but I’ll tell you more about that later ;)

Where did you get ready? Did you get your hair or make-up done professionally?

*** most photos courtesy of Dani Leigh Photography***