Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Red Mei

Last night Jay came down to DC after work to retrieve the car. It was really nice having the car Monday for my appointment and grocery shopping, but was not sad to give it up.
Plus I got to see my cutie pie. Per usual the communication may not have been there so Jay was slightly disappointed when he found out that I had dinner plans tonight.
To make it up to him, I took him to Red Mei for lunch.

Now I have to say Red Mei was not what I was expecting but I liked it. I was expecting a sit down restaurant, but instead it was fast casual. The environment was perfect for the time restraint we were on today. We could daily eat our lunch in the hour we had and it was delicious and cheap.

Because we had a living social deal, we got the Shrimp Spring Roll. I was expecting it to be fried, but was pleasantly surprised when it was not. Jay had the Pad Thai which he said was good, but not the best he ever had but a great value. I went away from my normal selection of somewhat healthy and had the fried Lemon Chicken. It was really good and made me miss carry out Chinese.
Overall we had a great lunch date. The food was good and we had a little bit of time to walk around the waterfront.
Have you ever been surprised by a restaurant in a good way?