Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go Pro Weekend

Jay and I had a VERY exciting weekend last weekend, so this weekend we relaxed and Jay played with his new camera (all pictures below were taken with it). Friday we were lame (aka relaxed), watched “How I Met Your Mother” and then watched the beginning of the Carolina Gamecocks game.  Unfortunately, we’re both “old” now and fell asleep before the fourth inning, at which point our team was behind! 


So we were happy to learn that the Gamecocks had actually won Woooo.  We tried to carry the winning theme into Saturday, when we played a double header in alumni Softball. We lost both games, but the score is always FUN to FUN.


And then Sunday we met up with my parents, brother and his girlfriend for brunch at Overwood.


Then we were off to the pool to really experiment with the new Go Pro Camera. Jay wanted this camera for our honeymoon this August. It’s waterproof and can be mounted to capture (as Jay would say) EPIC moments. Jay is hoping to film our bungee jumping adventures in New Zealand.


Or just capturing bubbles in the pool.


Or Joe Cool


Or just our apartment complex from underwater. Obviously Jay was having too much fun (i.e. Jay loves his gift, thanks Luke!!).


And for all you Gamecock fans, GO COCKS!!! Fear the Fish!!  (PS: Jay drove around the parking lot for about 15 minutes while I was in the bank to get a shot).