Thursday, June 21, 2012

Triple Date at the National Aquarium


One of the best things about my wedding (besides marrying Jay, which was obviously the BEST part) was having all of our closest friends in town. Both Jay and I attended the University of South Carolina where we had a big group of friends. So while the weekend was ultimately about a celebration of marriage, it also acted as a reunion weekend.


Friday, me, Bri and Charlotte kicked off the weekend by taking our boys to the National Aquarium in Baltimore for a triple date. This trip was LONG overdue for many reasons. Charlotte was supposed to come to the Aquarium with me back in December 2006 before my Italy trip. We had this great plan that I would visit her in DC one day and the next we would head to Baltimore and explore the Aquarium. Sadly, our friendship hangout time marathon was cut short by me getting REALLY sick at Charlotte's house in Virginia. I guess walking around DC for the day wore me out, because I left her house with a 101 degree temperature.

Another reason this trip was a long time coming is because Bri is studying Marine Science. Obviously, I had the need to show off my hometown's marine highlight!


The Inner Harbor was PACKed last weekend, thanks to the Sailabration for the penning of the Star Spangled Banner and 200th celebration of the war of 1812. Thankfully, the Aquarium was not too busy.


After getting reacquainted…


We headed straight to the Australia Exhibit for an animal feeding. Unfortunately, the animal feeding was cancelled because the Aquarium worker used all her crickets at the morning feeding, but we didn’t let that spoil our mood.


Next we headed to the Sting Ray tank, before heading up the escalators into the main Aquarium exhibit. It amazes me how little the Aquarium has changed since I was a little kid, but how I still manage to be entertained.


It was also cool to be at the aquarium with Marine Scientist and Aquarium enthusiast. I was amazed by the fish they pointed out right away as not being “native” to a certain tanks region and the filler fish that almost anyone can own.

By the way, I think Charlotte liked the turtles… as I have quite a few photo of them on my camera ;)


One major change since my last visit was there is no more petting area. The petting area was transformed into a beautiful series of tanks!


Other favorites areas of mine are the Tropical Rainforest and Atlantic Coral Reef Tank. Sadly, we have no pictures because my camera died :(

Regardless, if you have the opportunity, go visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I had fun showing off a hometown favorite and I think my guests enjoyed seeing it. Plus, it was really nice to just hang out with friends before the BIG day.


Lastly, a big THANK YOU to my photographer for the day, Charlotte!