Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snap Happy

This month our wedding photographer, Dani, and one of her friends are doing a Snap Happy Hunt. I saw her post this morning and decided, why not?!?! (the subject was morning today after all). I posted my picture on Instagram with the #snaphappyhunt2.

photo 2 (640x640)photo (426x640)

The joys of hashtags is seeing what everyone else posted. I love the idea of this hunt!

While I am on internet reads, I have to point out for all those other brides Meghann’s post on her guest list. Meghann’s blog is very poplar which means her post got loads of comments. I loved reading Meghann’s insight just as much as I loved perusing all the comments.

After work I finished cleaning up from the weekend and had an early dinner.

IMG_1341 (640x480)

I love black bean topped sweet potatoes! They are so delicious and a great easy healthy meal. My lack of cooking meant only one thing… Thank You Notes!!

I bite the bullet and knocked out all my Thank You Notes from the weekend today. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would, then again I did have the TV on in the background…

IMG_1342 (640x480)

Almost there!!