Thursday, May 3, 2012

Being Healthy While Having Fun

What is it with me and "series" that abruptly end? So WIAW only lasted a few weeks on the blog, at least it made me more conscious of what I put in my mouth!

Per usual I forgot to photograph breakfast, so you get a photo from last week. This morning I had an oatmeal pancake and 1 cup of coffee.

IMG_1333 (640x480)

My first snack was yogurt with a little granola and mini chocolate chips and my second snack was grapes that the girls left (thanks ladies!!).

picstitch (640x640)

For my main lunch course I had a salad. It was a pretty basic salad for me plus I threw some pepperoni on top.

And for dinner....

IMG_1344 (640x480)

A Trader Joe’s Veggie Burger Quesadilla. I cooked the veggie burger and spinach and used it for the quesadilla insides. My only regret is the number of calories. As I added the Swiss cheese I thought it was a little much, but of course I did it anyway. At least it was delicious and healthy!!

This past weekend during my girls weekend, I was challenged many times with making the "right" decisions. From a broad perspective, I did pretty well last weekend. Yes, I enjoyed yummy Mexican food Friday night, drank a lot Saturday night and partook in a few post drinking foods Sunday, but I don't feel bad about it, at all.

The main reason my splurge doesn't upset me, was I can only remember one instance where I thought "oops, I ate too much or too quickly" and because I was fairly active the entire weekend.

Prior to the weekend, I had planned to go on a run on Friday morning. A week prior when the girls called to get a wardrobe rundown (I know you all call your girlfriends too before trips to coordinate clothes, right?), Charlotte mentioned she wanted to run with me. I was ecstatic!! Not only because I would get to run with one of my besties but because having a running partner meant I would definitely get in a few runs. BY the end of the weekend, Charlotte and I had gone on 2 runs totaling about 7 miles and a 3 mile walk, not to mention all the dancing Saturday evening ;)


The best part is I haven't felt awful this week. Usually after a weekend of splurges I feel like I REALLY need to get my butt in gear during the week. Looking back on the weekend, my body doesn't feel like too much damage was done.

The best part about this past weekend, it was a great trial run for the wedding.

Because my girls are so far away, the wedding weekend has a very similar layout. I'll be with both Bri and Charlotte from when they arrive until the end of the wedding. I had previously thought, I need to make sure I get enough sleep and take care of myself (aka run) wedding weekend so I enjoy myself. After this weekend, I feel like I can check running off my "worry list". With Charlotte in town, I am guaranteed a run both Friday and Saturday morning!

On fun weekends, what do you do to keep a healthy balance?