Monday, March 5, 2012

Many Things Monday

Is it really Monday? and I really haven’t blogged since last Thursday?!? Yikes!

Today, I finally started using Instagram… yes I am a little late to the game.


My inaugural picture was of girl scout cookies (because I was that excited to have 7 boxes dropped off in my office). I promptly ate two Tagalongs…


I also used my new toy to photograph dinner. I made Baked Potato Skin Pizzas. I got the inspiration from a blog that I failed to pin so I can’t tell you who (sorry!!). Honestly, I didn’t follow any recipe. I just nuked the potato for about 9 minutes and scooped out the potato (save for another recipe). Then I added marinara sauce, (about 2 tbsp. per half), cheese, mushrooms, spinach and more cheese. Nuke for another 3 minutes. Delicious!!

Since I splurged at work (with the two Tagalongs) I had Blueberries with a little honey for dessert. I love fresh fruit!

Besides food, I also played with photos from the weekend on Instagram. My favorite by far are the bag pipes from the Old Town St. Pat’s Parade.


Obviously, the pool table doubles as a bag pipe holder while the guys (and gals) grab a beer.

I hope to be back tomorrow with a recap of last month and maybe some goals for March ;).