Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In Like a Lion

March certainty came in like a lion. Maybe it only seems that way because of my recent trip south. All I know is it was COLD here the past few days. Did winter finally find DC?

Last month flew by! Can you believe we even had an extra day? I know I can’t, but I did spend the day traveling. Before I recap last month, let me first recap the day.


I voted in a nonexistent election day. I may not have voted in my party, may have already knew who would, and I may have only had 2 choices, but I exercised my right to vote.


Then I had some “green” pasta. Ok it may not of actually been green, but it might as well should be. My hand was a little heavy as I poured in the frozen spinach. At least its good for me!

Now to recap February!

Crafts: Finish my Index Card Journal by President’s Day

SUCCESS!! I finished my Mom’s Index Card Journal just in time to give it to her for her Birthday :)

In March, I want to make chalkboard signs for my wedding.


Books: Read 4 books

FAIL! I only read two books this month. One was Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden for book club and Kate DiCamillo The Magician’s Elephant.

In March, I want to read 2 books. I think that will be a little more realistic :)


Running: complete 4 training runs

Almost a SUCCESS! I went on three training runs because I was sick :( at the beginning of the month.

In March, I just want to have fun at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half.


Gym Classes: Attend 10 gym classes

Almost a SUCCESS! I attended 9 gym classes. I am actually very proud of this considering one of the classes I planned on attending all month was cancelled due to lack of attendance. I think the worst part was that they cancelled it February 3rd and I LOVED the instructor! More people should want to go to spin class on Friday mornings!! (I know I can dream).

In March, I am going to keep the same goal to attend 10 gym classes. I found a new favorite spin instructor who teaches 2x a week so I think this goal is very attainable!!


My Core: Work my abs 18 days and hold planks for 60 seconds

FAIL!! I almost want to laugh at how much I failed at this goal. I can go to a gym class almost everyday of the week, but trying to make myself do core work on a regular basis is next to impossible.

In March, I hope to increase my time working my abs during the week. Since I technically do ab work in two of my gym classes, my goal is to do ab work on my own 2 days a week. So, including gym class I want to work my abs 16 times this month.


Sweets: Consume only one sweet a day

Mild Success. I am getting better about sweet consumption, but I am far from cutting them out completely.

In March, I am going to try to redefine what I consider to be a dessert.


Recipes: Create one recipe for the blog

FAIL! As you all know, when life get’s busy, the blog usually falls to the way side. Lately I have been posting more about what has been happening rather than being creative. I hope to fix this in March.

In March, I have the same goal to create one recipe for the blog :)


What are your March goals?