Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pre-Trip Run

Uh oh, look who splurged last night!! Yikes, I am bad about sweets.


That is why I am going to try and give them up for lent!! More specifically desserts (not fruit or natural sweets). This should be interesting!!

My evening splurge provided a little extra motivation to get off my butt this morning and go running!! Now, I did not run as early as I had this summer while marathon training. I have the morning off because I am flying out this afternoon for my annual work trip. When I booked my flight, I purposely choose an afternoon flight so I could squeeze in my weekly training run that I would have missed.

This allowed me to hop out of bed around 6:30 and start running by 7:15. I was kind of surprised to see the sun beat me up this morning. I have been waiting months for the sun to get up earlier so I can start running outside in the morning.

This morning was beautiful!! Just look at the view of the Memorial Bridge.

run 1

Even though the views were beautiful and the weather was warm, this was not a fun or easy run. Because of the work trip, I worked out hard this week with my hilly run in Baltimore, spin class and increasing my weight in BodyPump. My calves were feeling it!!! But I chugged on and completed almost 11 miles (the map does not include running to and from my house).


Yay, 11ish down! I am one long run closer to the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half!!

run 3

And yay for awkward running pictures!!

Well I am off to enjoy the last of the Bachelorette bagels and to get ready for my flight! But please come back and visit while I am gone, I have some great posts lined up including Val’s Bachelorette, The Hunger Games trilogy and how we hashed out our guest list.