Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pack, Unpack and Repack

This month has been CRAZY!!! I have constantly been packing, unpack and then repacking (hence the title).


This past week I spent time in Baltimore with the family and Val’s Bachelorette (details coming soon). Monday I hung out with my bestie Charlotte. Now I am getting ready for New Orleans for my big work trip.

Work today was crazy!! I slept in this morning because I just could not get out of bed. This meant I skipped my workout. No big deal, but half way through the day I knew I had to get a good stress relieving workout in. I called up my gym and snagged one of the last spots in the evening cycle class. BEST decision I made all day!! Plus, I loved the instructor. Maybe this class will become one of my regulars?


The endorphin spike made unpacking and repacking a little less painful and a lot more focused. I am almost all packed, hopefully I won’t repack the morning before like I did for NYC!

Plus this little card definitely made my day!!


Jay is always on his phone, so I sometimes joke with him that he loves his iPhone more than me. The card brought a big smile to my face, plus the inside was spot on with the iPhone theme!


The evening ended with a very large salad and Glee. All I have to say about Glee is “No, they didn’t!!” I can not wait until April 10th!!