Friday, February 24, 2012

Val’s Bachelorette Party!


The highlight of last weekend was Saturday when we celebrated Val’s Bachelorette-hood. Val’s bachelorette was pretty easy to plan as she had very few requests. She just wanted to have a fun night!


We started the evening pre-gaming in the hotel with Val’s favorite drink, rum and coke. Holly, Val’s sister-in-law and a bridesmaid, was smart and looked on Val’s pinterest wall for ideas for her bridal shower. Of course every good idea has to be stolen, so for her bachelorette I perused Val’s pinterest wall and found the “Drinkin’ With My Bitches” sign. The sign was a big hit!

vals bachelorette 2

Next we headed to dinner at The Reserve in Federal Hill. The service was really slow, but that was good for our evening. We had a 8 p.m. reservation with hopes to go out right from the restaurant. Granted we showed up early (it took us no time to cab from the hotel), but we were there until 9:30 p.m. (almost 2 hours).

vals bachelorettevals bachelorette 3

With all that waiting time, we played a little game, “Who knows Val best?”. It was a lot of fun to look back! The wait also went quickly with our Orange Crushes (I couldn’t taste the alcohol). Plus the food was delicious.

vals bachelorette 4

With dinner behind us, we headed out to the bars. We started the evening with Lemon Drop shots courtesy of my mom at Mother’s. Later that evening we headed to MaGerks and Mad River. As all good nights, our bar wanderings will stay with those that attended :)