Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Holy Sweet Potato

It’s Thursday Wednesday and I am finally starting to feel better!! Like a lot better! Woohoo! Plus, I am getting very very excited for the weekend. All I have to say is Jay and I bought some hot tickets for the weekend. I am soo excited! Now all I have to do is pack!

Since things were looking healthier today, I spent the evening doing some overdue chores, laundry, dishes, change the fish water, you know the usual. Then it was dinner time.


Tonight I made a sweet potato that had been lying around the kitchen for a while. It was a huge potato!! I kept debating about what to pair with it and was glad I decided to just make some garbanzo beans and spinach. Delicious.

Tomorrow I am hoping to finally get back on the exercise wagon. Now I have been working out a little bit here and there this week, but nothing serious. I have found that a short run when I have a cold can go a long way. I started this Sunday with a leisurely 4 miler, Monday I ran 2 miles outside, Tuesday I jumped on the elliptical for 20 minutes and today I spent 30 minutes doing Yoga and some ab work.

Now this weeks workout schedule was a huge cut back from normal. While getting a cold was disappointing from a training perspective, I really think my body needed the break. I am going to enjoy this weekend and then approach my training schedule head on next Monday.

Yes, I think a good cycle workout is very probable tomorrow :)

What is your workout style when you are sick? Do you cut back or cut out exercise?