Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trilogy Complete

I just finished the Hunger Games Trilogy. OMG!! I can not wait to write up all my reviews!! But for the sake of my sanity, aka the need for sleep, I will just give you a quick recap of my weekend.

Saturday, after visiting my friend Lauren, my Mom came over for the weekend. We went to dinner, did a little shopping and saw War Horse.


Honestly, all I knew about this movie is that Kate Middleton saw it the night before her 30th birthday and that Steven Spielberg directed it. Pathetic right?!?!

Actually this was probably good. I really enjoyed the movie because I had no idea what to expect. I would say this is by far one of my favorite “horse movies”. It was touching and really kept my attention.

Today, mom and I went Mother of the Bride shopping. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera :(. But I think we found her dress!!! It is very pretty and very original! Yay for actually getting something done this weekend.

After mom left, I made Caitlin’s Stuffed Potato Skin Shells. They were super easy and delicious!


Well, I’m off to bed! Can’t wait to share my opinions on the Hunger Games and hear what y’all think!