Friday, October 21, 2011

A Week in Review

In terms of this blog, my week did not go as planned. In terms of my real life, it went pretty well.

Instead of continuing to drag out last weekend this weekend, I decided I’ll do a little recap today. Feel free to space it out for yourself over the weekend ;)

1. Saturday, after the Baltimore Half, I met Val for our favorite date, Chipotle and shoe shopping. I finally decided on and bought wedding shoes, but that is a tale for another post. :)


2. Saturday evening, my parents, Jay and I went to the Elkridge Furnace Inn for dinner. When you sign with Elkridge, you get the choice of a tasting or a gift certificate to the restaurant. We choose the gift certificate and were really glad we did.

elkrdige 2

Because of the ambiance, I did not take pictures of the food. I kind of regret that now, but sometimes you just have to live in the moment.

If you live in Baltimore, I would highly recommend eating at Elkridge. The seasonal items were delicious. I was quite jealous of Jay’s Pumpkin Fritter Salad. The pumpkin fritters were to die for.

Everyone’s dinner looked fantastic. My mom could not stop raving about the Game Hen and Andouille. The house smoked boneless half game hen and andouille sausage was served with grits, sweet peppers and onions and Creole sauce = very happy mother of the bride.

Meanwhile I had the chicken breast with a butternut squash and goat cheese risotto, wilted greens and a cranberry demi glace. Since we don’t prepare much meat at home, this was a real treat. I also love the risotto!

Dinner was a real treat and definitely made me even more excited about our wedding. Both Jay and I agreed that we are eating at our wedding. I am hoping a sweet heart table helps. Even if we have to shove food in our mouths between talking to guests, I am not missing a bite of our menu.

3. This week I watched a lot of Brothers & Sisters. I honestly lost interest a season of two ago, but I am loving the first season. And I was not completely lazy… while watching I have managed to finish knitting a gift and start working on Save the Date cards.


4. Yup, Jay and I are working on Save the Date’s.

I really like them! Dani is a fantastic photographer. It was hard choosing just one photo, but in the end we choose this one because it left us with a lot of space to fill with our information.

Save the Date 2 for blog

Now all that is left is finishing the stuffing and licking. Good thing I still have a lot of Brothers & Sisters to watch.

5. Last night Mary’s mommy took us to Rustico for dinner. It was our second time dining there. While I think the atmosphere is a little loud, the food does not disappoint. I finally got to try Pumking beer. I swear I have been looking for it ever since I saw it on Kath’s blog two years ago.


I loved it, as it was very pumpkinie. I also had the Pumpkin pizza which was delicious. No picture because I am a slacker and ate the entire thing without even thinking about this blog. But don’t worry, it was good.

6. Look what we found in the elevator on our way home last night.


Phew, I think we are all caught up. Another fun but busy weekend ahead. Hopefully I’ll write about this one before next Friday.


What are your plans for the weekend?