Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baltimore Half Recap

Hi guys! Sorry I have been a major slacker in the blog department this week. I try to blame it on tapering, but deep down I know I have just been lazy.

Despite scaling back this week, I managed to have a great BodyPump class. I am sad I will have to drastically scale it back or even not go for 2 weeks. I was really starting to make major progress. I guess I have something to look forward to post marathon. :)

I also managed to have a great 4 mile run this morning. I only intended to go for 3 miles, but I felt great. I love those runs where you just get lost in the activity. It felt so refreshing!!!

Kind of like the Baltimore Half Marathon.

Last week my left leg was very tight and I started to feel the onset of IT Band syndrome. Since I have been down THAT road before, I stretched a lot last week and went on shorter runs.

As you can imagine, I was very worried that I was having issues so close to the marathon. I fully intended on finishing the Baltimore Half, but I knew for the sake of my goal to complete a marathon and not injure myself, that this race would not be for overall time, but pace.

Thankfully, my body cooperated last Saturday and I finished the Baltimore Half with a 10:15 min/mile pace (2:13:15). I was very proud of this time knowing I did not push myself. I came in a mere 10 minutes after my Disney Food & Wine Half time.

The race actually really helped my confidence. I felt good the entire race (well except after the swig of beer, bad idea). I really enjoyed this race as I took the time to really enjoy the spectators, the views, the hills and even the wind.

As I crossed the finish line I felt good. My heart rate immediately dropped to its resting rate. I felt like I had just completed a normal training run and I felt like I could keep on going and going. I knew I was ready for the marathon!

Jay on the other hand flew through the Baltimore Half finishing in 1:58:37. As sad as I was that I did not get to run with my favorite running partner, I was very proud of him. We both completed the race at our own pace, accomplishing our own race goals. BUT you better believe we made a pack to stay together on marathon day!!

I still WANT to finish a half marathon in less than 2 hours, maybe even in 1:50. Looks like I have a goal for the USA Rock N Roll ½! And without marathon training, I know I can do it!

How or when do you know you are ready for a race?