Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Soldier’s Wife

This evening was one of those evenings that did not go as planned in a very good way.

I picked up our Save-the-Dates from Costco and got to talk to my brother, Jim (eek sorry my phone stinks and cut us off).

When I got home I got a text from Charlotte about a Skype date. I jumped on the opportunity to spend some quality time with my BFF.


And now Mary’s mommy is here! So needless to say y’all get a book review tonight. But not just any book review, one for the MUST read category.


Lately, I have been putting holds on Jenna’s recommended books at my library. The title of her post about this book is “A Consuming Read”, and that it is. I loved this book.

The story follows a woman on Guernsey Island during World War II. Her family decides to stay during the German occupation. With her husband at war, she raises her daughters, cares for her mother-in-law and falls in love with a German soldier next door.

I have to agree with Jenna that this book is fantastic for a work commute or a vacation. It is mostly upbeat, but includes a few tense moments as any novel about war would. I was hooked all the way to the last sentence of the epilogue. Yes, even the last sentence of this book is fantastic! (No peeking).

Which recommended book have you recently read and enjoyed?