Monday, October 10, 2011

Some running thoughts

I can tell the Marine Corps Marathon is only 19 days away. ALL I DO is THINK about IT!!


What makes this worse is right now my left leg is very very tight. So tight, it feels like I have a rock solid mass back there. It also does not help that our run on Saturday did not go well, like at all. It was more of a run/walk. So much for one last long run before the marathon.

I could sit here and obsess over the fact that the last month of training has not gone anywhere close to as planned. But instead of obsessing, I just read about running.

Some of my reading relates to the races I am about to conquer, like the fact that the MCM Extends Runner Tracking to Social Media Networks. Or how you can follow me Saturday morning as I run the Baltimore Half. But most of my reading has nothing to do with these specific races.

Some of my reading is just to reassure myself we have done everything right. I think for the most part we have followed the 13 Rules For Marathon Training. But I also realize if I do do this again, I will not be training for 22 weeks and would concentrate on my weekday runs.

I think most people would do things differently with almost every training plan.

And some of my reading is purely out of awe. If you haven’t heard a Women runs marathon, gives birth. Yes, what a headline… A woman ran the Chicago Marathon 39 weeks pregnant and had her baby the same day. All I have to say is WOW.

And if she can do it pregnant, I can do it (not pregnant) and well trained.

Any good running articles out there that I should read?