Sunday, October 9, 2011

Army Ten Miler Run


I feel like Sunday evenings come way too quickly! This weekend was a relaxing one. We had minimal plans and got some things done around the apartment :)

Since I was fighting a cold this week, we decided to run Sunday after the Army Ten Miler. Since the race is so close to our home, we decided to stop by the end of the course to see if we saw any of our friends running.


Unfortunately, we did not see anyone we knew, but it was fun to see everyone finishing strong!

From the Pentagon, we headed out on our last long run. To date, the only part of the MCM course we haven’t seen is Iwo Jima memorial. This portion is kind of important since it’s the finish line.


It felt great running up the hill, seeing what we would expect on race day. The hill didn’t seem that bad, but we both understand how hard it could be after 25.75 miles.


From there we headed into Rosslyn where we saw the first sign that the race is really just round the corner.


We continued into Georgetown, by the White House and to the Capital and home. Our run was not as long as we would have liked and we walked a lot. Regardless I still feel ready for October 30th, and look forward to the Baltimore 1/2 next weekend.

How was your weekend?