Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jay’s Take on Engagement Pictures

Tonight I let Jay give you a glimpse into the male mind and engagement photos. I hope to be back tomorrow with my take on the experience.

I (the dis-embodied voice of Jay) do not usually take very good pictures.  It’s not that I’m not good looking, I mean, come on have you seen me?? But rather, I always think pictures can be improved upon, and am often too impatient to hold a cheesy smile while a person tries to figure out why the flash isn’t going off. Thanks to this, I often get such gems as below:


That’s why I knew that our photo shoot with our photographer, Dani, was going to be torture, with Sarah telling me these were serious pictures and asking “You aren’t going to make any faces are you?” in that tone of voice that meant it wasn’t really a question. 

I was very surprised how easily Dani pulled smiles out of us. She kept making funny comments or telling us amusing stories that made it easy to smile. I especially liked when we played James Bond and snuck around the FDR memorial taking pictures (shhh, we’re still at large).

aww, aren’t we cute?


I was also blown away at the poses we tried and how well they turned out in the pictures.  For example, I look at this tree and see a hazard for the vertically-gifted (I could’ve bumped my head on that, I keep important stuff in there!). I was ready to by-pass it, but instead we got this awesome picture of Joe-cool hitting on the captain of the cheerleaders.  Can’t you hear that conversation? “Hey girl, what’s your myspace name?” “Oh, Jay, you’re so funny teeheehee” 

In case you were wondering, that is exactly how Sarah talks.


And some just make me laugh.  Can’t you imagine sitting next to George Mason right now discussing how that guy got that girl?  Or, I can imagine him sitting there saying “yes… good, mmmmmmm” in creepy-old man style.


I still managed to get some good pictures in there though, so I was happy about that. Just take a look at this keeper:


Guess it goes to show you, not all photographs have to be goofy, just the really good ones do.

Thanks Dani for spending a few hours with us around the Tidal Basin. I can’t wait to sneak a few more funny faces into the wedding photos in June. ;)

The first photo was from a friend. The rest are from Dani Leigh Photography. You can also check out Dani’s post about us on her blog.