Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sarah’s take on Engagement pictures

Before we get wrapped up in wedding things, let’s start with the number one reason to make large quantities of food and freeze the leftovers, an easy dinner later.


Tonight, we simply heated up my Vegetarian Lasagna and viola! dinner in about an hour with no prep!! Easy Peasy!

Now on to engagement pictures. A few weeks ago, Jay and I met up with our photographer, Dani, for our engagement photos around the Tidal Basin. As you may remember, one of our photographer requirements was an Engagement Shoot. After actually having them done, I would recommend them for every bride! The engagement session gave us a chance to learn Dani’s style and get comfortable with her. I am sure the day would go well regardless (Dani is a fantastic photographer) but it really put me at ease that we knew what we were getting and what to expect.

As some of you may have caught on to, I was battling a pretty nasty cold the week before our engagement session. This made me a little nervous leading up to the session, thankfully Dayquil, sleep and make-up go a long way ;)


That morning we met Dani near the Jefferson. Our session was a slow walk around the Tidal Basin. This allowed us to get some great shots of the monuments as well as some more naturey things. You know the stuff you typically associate with engagement shoots.


Jay and I from the beginning knew we wanted our session to take place in DC because that is where he proposed. Unfortunately, shortly after the proposal the Lincoln was surrounded by construction to improve the Reflecting Pool. This put a damper on our original engagement session spot, I am also very glad they are finally renovating the Reflecting Pool.

Plus, the more we thought about it and saw our friends engagement pictures, we realized that as far as the monuments the only one we really wanted was the FDR Memorial. We still wanted some DC skyline aspects in our photos, just not front and center.


In the end, that is exactly what we got!!!


And, yes I just learned how to watermark things ;) It may have provided me with a little too much entertainment this afternoon.

Did you do an engagement shoot? Where did you decide to do your and why?