Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IGE Chipotle Bowl’s

I love Iowa Girl Eats Chipotle Bowls.


They are super easy to make and customize. I prepped everything before my guests arrived. All I had to do was cook the rice and nuke the beans. Done and DONE!


It feels like its been forever since I’ve seen the girls! It was so nice to get together for some relaxing, chit-chat, Chipotle Bowls, Fro Yo and Glee.


Bottom line, it was a great evening and the Chipotle Bowls were a hit!



Lauren mentioned earlier in the evening how disappointed she was in the lack of songs this season. I honestly did not notice it until tonight when the episode was jam packed with number after number.

The only thing that bothered me about tonight’s episode was where the directors are taking Mercedes’s character. Even though she can be a drama queen, I feel like she is better than walking out on Glee and the Musical.

But I know not everyone will like all the character development. Before the show, Lauren commented on how she didn’t like the direction the director’s took Quinn. I agree that punk, bad-ass, rebel Quinn in the first two episodes was a bit ridiculous. I think the “I want my baby back” plot is completely realistic of how a girl in her situation would react, especially since the woman raising her baby is teaching at her school. Of course I also think the whole thing is a bit over dramatized.

OK Gleeks, what do you think of the story-line so far this season?