Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Weekend

What a weekend! I am finally feeling like normal again with minimal congestion. :) It probably helped that I slept almost 12 hours Friday night. Saturday we lounged around the apartment and completed a few chores before heading to Baltimore for a wedding.


And what a fabulous wedding it was. September has been the month of fantastic weddings! But you will have to wait until Wednesday for the full recap, sorry!

This morning, Jay and I met up with Dani for our engagement pictures!! I know I am being such a tease tonight, but more later ;)

After a few errands we headed out on a short long run. At this point we have hit our peak mileage, so now we are listening to our body’s and doing what they think are best. After fighting a cold all week, we decided a 10 mile run would be the perfect way to end the weekend.


After a nice stretch, we headed out on a nice leisurely run. It felt great to get back out there after a few days off!


To top all of it off, we ended the weekend with a Mama Pea meal, or should I say Mama Thai? Regardless, Mama Pea’s cookbook is great! I have yet to be disappointed.

Well that’s it for now! More tomorrow!

How was your weekend?