Friday, September 23, 2011

A Night or 2 IN

Good morning friends! Sorry I left you hanging last night. I have been tackling a cold since Wednesday.


This meant I was not able to go to the DC Blogger meet-up. :( Ladies it looked like fun, I hope I can make it next month!

Besides cancelling evening plans, I have been able to catch-up on TV shows and movies.  I am not very good about keeping up with TV shows, but this fall I am going to try my hardest to catch Glee, New Girl and Parenthood. Sorry Biggest Loser, but you have lost my attention.


For movies, I finally watched Something Borrowed with my roommate Mary. You may remember that both of us read the book first a month or so ago. The movie was good, but very different from the book.

They essentially made Ethan and Rachel’s friend Hilary the same person. It makes a lot of sense from a sequel stand point to develop Ethan’s character more in the first movie, but I missed the Hilary character. Oh well!

My only other complaint was the choice of Kate Hudson as Darcy. She just wasn’t what I expected.

What did you think of Something Borrowed (the book, movie or both)?

And what TV shows do you plan to watch this fall?