Monday, September 26, 2011

Jenna and Bill’s Wedding


Wait, is this another wedding recap?!?! Yes, and it’s not even Wednesday!

In all seriousness, Jay and I have been honored to attend so many great weddings this summer. The one this past weekend was between Jenna and Bill at the Baltimore Museum of Art (also a great museum, so go check it out).


When we walked in, our attention was immediately drawn to the aisle. Yes, the bride walked across the fountain, in 5 inch heels and train no less!


And then she stood on the side of the fountain. I was amazed. I hope I am that calm on my wedding day!


After a beautiful ceremony, we all headed over to the tent for cocktail hour. Jenna and Bill had a great line up of signature cocktails. I couldn’t even taste the alcohol in the Sug-Night!


We enjoyed a few cocktails before heading into dinner.  The table we sat at was full of Jay’s classmates. Since they are all off on their clinical internships, it was fun to see the group in one place and catch up.


Before we knew it we were ordering dinner, crab cakes please!


But first some bread with Olive Oil, Olive Spread and Baked Garlic. We also had a beautiful salad that I was obviously craving since I wolfed it down before snapping a picture.


And then the Crab Cakes and Sweet Corn… need I say more?!?! This Baltimore girl was in heaven!


Somewhere amidst all the food the Maids of Honor and Best Man gave speeches. Both speeches were beautiful bringing the entire group to (happy) tears and laughter. I wish I had taken notes for when I have to give a speech.

After we fully stuffed our faces, we headed outside for the first dance and father-daughter dance. I have to say the father-daughter dance was adorable. They did some ballroom dance, which I couldn’t decipher due to my lack of ballroom dance knowledge. After seeing their adorable-ness I have decided I will take my dad up on the question of “Fox Trot” or “Waltz” for my father-daughter dance. Looks like I have a lot of learning to do!


Then the party really go started! There was a lot of dancing!!! and photo taking on Jay’s part. Thankfully one of Jay’s friends stole his camera and got a few shots of us. I am so glad he won’t have a camera on our wedding day ;)


And before we knew it, it was time for the sparkler send-off.


Thank you Bill and Jenna for inviting us to your special day. We had a great time and wish you both a world of happiness!