Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dressing My Girls

Before we get all dressed up, I have to tell you about last nights dinner. I had already blogged, but I guess taking photos of my dinner has become a habit, and found myself snapping away.

This was honestly not the most ground breaking meal, just a simple Chicken Sweet & Sour Stir Fry on Quinoa. But, just look at this picture. Look at the steam. Have I told you how much I heart my new camera? Yeah, a lot!


Enough about food, let’s dress the girls. I probably made dressing the girls little more complicated than it needed to be. I knew from the beginning that I wanted the girls in Navy Blue short dresses. Buying the dresses from David’s Bridal just made sense with my girls living in Baltimore, Orlando and San Diego. I figured they could all buy their dress on their time.

I had many thoughts throughout the process. I had the girls let me know their favorites and I got a wide variety of recommendations back.

I thought about letting the girls choose their own dresses from the ones below, but wasn’t sure if I liked the varied look on a small bridal party.


I even considered letting them go out on their own and just buy any short navy dress. But, honestly that scared me (hello control freak). I could ask to see the dress before they bought it, but I could only imagine the bombardment of picture texts on my not-so-smart-phone.

So, which route did I take?

The first weekend I was engaged, Bri and Charlotte took me dress shopping so that I could start to think about what kind of dresses I liked and don’t like. While we were there, I had the girls try on several of the same dresses. Bri and Charlotte have different body types, so I thought they would be a good representation of what would work.

It came down to two dresses that both the girls felt good in.


When Val and I went for my dress shopping outing, I had her try on the exact same dresses. In the end, two girls favored the more A-line dress than the more basic shape. And with that the A-line dress in Marine won.

bridesmaidsval bridesmaid

Don’t the girls look great?!?!

Overall, I am very happy with the dress. I think it fits our Southern theme and I am happy that two of the girls really like the dress (or at least that is what they tell me ;).

Besides dressing my girls, I have also found that David’s provides some great basic dresses. This past week I snagged up this dress for $9.99 and I already have a wedding to wear it to ;) as a guest.


How did you select your bridesmaids dresses?

and have you ever (or thought) about buying a bridesmaids dress for something other than being a bridesmaid?