Monday, August 15, 2011

Noon + Rain + New Camera + 18 mile run =

This weekend was quickly thrown off course due to the weather. As soon as I realized the problem, I was determined to rearrange our schedule. Of course, my planning was overkill since we did not follow any of our original (or revised) plans.

Our final Alumni Softball game(s) were moved to this weekend due to rain last weekend. Our first game was 8:30 a.m., smack in the middle of our running time. Jay and I are one of the few couples that play on the team together. Considering that we barely had enough people to play Saturday, our absence would have made a huge impact.

Our tiny team played tough and tried hard, but it wasn’t enough to bring us to the next round. The early day was ok by me, because it meant we could get our long run in on Saturday, since it was supposed to storm all morning on Sunday.

We were in quite a pickle this weekend when it came to weather. We had several outdoor events planned (softball, running, lawn seats at Wolf Trap). The forecast had other plans (rain, rain, rain). Turns out the only event that got rained on (not out) was our run. :)


On our car ride home from the game, we refueled with Gatorade and protein bars. In less than 30 minutes after arriving home, we were out the door and on our way to the Capital Crescent Trail.

This run was tough! Running in the middle of the day is hard; we did not have that fresh morning feeling and we weren’t as fueled as we could have been. Our only savior was the cooler-than-normal temperatures and the rain.


This was the first run for my new camera. Thankfully I put it in a plastic bag because the rain would have killed it. This also means less than perfect pictures for y’all. Sorry!

We had heard from several runners to try the Capital Crescent Trail because it was in the shade. 18 miles at the warmest part of the day sounded like the perfect time to test this trail. Thankfully it lived up to our cool expectations and shaded us from some of the premature rain.


The whole reason we went running after softball was because we thought we could get out there during the sunny window. That window closed a lot sooner than predicted, and it poured on us. In the grand scheme of things I am glad we were able to get the practice of running in the pouring rain. If it rains on marathon day we will still be running, so we might as well try it out before hand.

Long runs are meant to teach you things. This run really taught both Jay and I that we need to concentrate on weekday runs and long-run fueling. Our long runs go much better when we complete our weekday runs (I know amazing right?). We also preform better if we properly fuel the night before. This means a lot of pasta in our future.


What do you eat the night before a long run? What about after?