Monday, August 22, 2011

Friday at the Healthy Living Summit 2011

I had the full intention of posting on Friday after we arrived in Philly, but somehow that did not happen.

On Friday morning, I slept in until 6:45 and went on a quick run. I packed a few days earlier, but found myself repacking that morning. All of a sudden I just didn’t like what I had with me and sadly I didn’t wear half the things I brought! After quickly eating my normal oats, I was out the door heading to the train station.

The train ride was very nice and relaxing. I love the train! Fun fact, when I first went to school at South Carolina, I would ride the train home and back for breaks. I loved riding the train on the way back from Thanksgiving break because it gave me an uninterrupted 9 hours to do all the homework I put off all weekend. But this weekend, I enjoyed catching up with my friend Theresa :).


Theresa and I went to high school together and I credit her for getting me into the Healthy Living Blogosphere. We do not get to hang out anywhere near as much as I would like, so it was a treat to spend the entire weekend with her. It was kind of like old times, minus splitting the double cheeseburger meal from McDonalds. Traveling with Theresa also gave me a leg up as she attended last years summit. Her experience was valuable and helped me have a very positive experience.

I had many intentions for the weekend, but I am glad they quickly went out the window. I really enjoyed the entire experience, took as many pictures as possible, met new friends and tried to absorb as much information as possible. A big thank you to Meghann for coordinating the entire weekend!

After we arrived we met up with a big group of bloggers for lunch at Govindas Vegetarian. It was crazy how many bloggers had shown up for the summit by Friday lunch. The crowd was so large that half of the group broke off.


It was fun to start meeting everyone and seeing all the fun food. Not able to choose, Theresa and I split a Kofta Ball Sub and a Chimichanga. Both were delicious. While we all love being healthy, no meal is complete without a little something sweet. We topped off this meal with some frozen yogurt.

Nice and satisfied with our meal, we checked in and started to tackle our Swag Bags. And, boy was there a lot of swag!!


Going through our bags felt like Christmas. There are so many products I am excited to try and many that I already love.

At this point our day began to catch up with us, so Theresa, Mindy and I relaxed before heading to the cocktail party at Reading Terminal Market.

The food spread at the cocktail party was to die for.


I loved watching all the other bloggers photograph the food display. It made me feel as if I truly belonged!! I loved the Crab and Corn Balls and the Pretzel Chicken.


As much as I would love to go on and on about the weekend, I’ll give y’all a break. Come back tomorrow for a recap of Saturday!

What is your favorite part about hanging out with bloggers?