Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Choosing Our Bridal Party

This post is long overdue. First I wanted to make sure that I had all the follow-up posts ready. I wasn’t worried about my follow-up about my girls, but Jay’s about his guys? I wanted to have Jay’s post about his boys, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about his follow-up post. Well, guess what, he still has not drafted his guys post. Maybe the pressure of this post going up in 2 weeks will encourage him to write his.


From the beginning our bridal party selection seemed, obvious? (is that the right word?). We both knew the core three we were going to choose. The question then became who else and how many.

We nixed siblings since our siblings would even each other out. As in he has two sisters, I have two brothers. Adding them seemed like an easy way to add people to our wedding party. But is that the point? My brothers are within a day trip, but I really couldn’t see my brother’s getting into it. Plus, they would make great ushers and appreciate being tasked other things. Jay’s sisters are far away that we knew it would be hard to include them in the pre-wedding festivities especially considering my two college best friends are also out of town. We didn’t want our wedding to become the coordination of our bridal parties schedules.


Then came the question of our DC friends. This is where we really had to think about it. Obviously, our DC friends would be around for the bulk of the planning and day-to-day craziness. But most of our PT friends would high-tail it out of here in December for their final clinical internship, making them no longer local. As much as I love symmetry, coordinating a mostly out of town bridal party made my head spin. One night, stressed about something insignificant I stopped encouraging him to make the decision and made it for the both of us.


We left it to our closest friends.

When consulting a few Mrs.’s, one said you should really only have your best friends in your wedding. Being in a wedding is a huge commitment in both time and money and you only want to ask your besties to invest. She also pointed out that a bridal party that fits in your car is easier to manage wedding weekend.

Therefore Jay and I both have three attendants.

Both Jay and I have been truly blessed with the great friends we have made and kept over the years. And what better way to honor their friendship than have a small bridal party. Our closest attendant is a mere 55 miles away and our furthest about 2,600 miles away. That is a broad spectrum and makes for some interesting pre-wedding festivities.

Our smaller party allows them a few luxuries, like nicer gifts. Jay and I understand being in a wedding is a huge undertaking. We want to treat those who have been there for us all these years and honored that they have been there for us.


How many people were in your wedding party? What went in to choosing your wedding party?