Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aria Happy Hour


It’s way past my bed time so I promise to make this post short and sweet. Tonight I met my friends Lauren and Courtney at Aria for Happy Hour. Not that we need an excuse, but tonight’s was extra special because Courtney’s boyfriend Doug and friend Sarah are both in town. Lauren’s boyfriend Tim also joined us.

Lauren is the queen of saving money. The past few weeks she has been saving Aria Drink Coupons that she collected at the Farmer’s Market at the Ronald Regan Building during Lunch.


As we all know, I also love a good deal! Besides my complimentary beer (thanks Lauren), I also got an individual sized Margarita Pizza. It was delicious, but I always forget how hard Margarita Pizza’s are to eat. I always end up eating the entire piece of Mozzarella cheese I one bite simply because I can’t bite it apart.

Next to my pizza is Lauren and Tim’s White Pizza. I didn’t have a bite but I believe them that it was good. Courtney and Doug especially liked it dipped in ketchup (what is it about my friends and ketchup?).


An added bonus to Aria Happy Hour is the Cornhole. And who doesn’t love Cornhole?


Overall it was nice to get out with friends during the week. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own life with training, sleeping and working that I forget how much fun a night out with friends can be.


How often do you get together with your friends during the week?