Friday, August 5, 2011

My Friday Off

Today was my Friday off. I had no real plans and an unfortunately long “To-Do” List.


In my opinion there is no better way to refuel from a run and fuel for a “To-Do” List than some good food. Once I had finished a load of laundry and got some much needed sun I hunkered down and made a healthy lunch.


I tried to eat something from the freezer (ours is packed) and finish a few things in the fridge. I decided to tap into my roots with a Honeymoon Salad with a twist. Growing up we ate a lot of Honeymoon salads. You know why they call it that right? Lett-uce alone. Corny, yes! And unfortunately not the most appetizing.


Thankfully, I did have more in store for this salad. I topped it with a Trader Joe’s Veggie Burger, Broccoli and some Feta Cheese. It was delicious and hit the spot after my 11 mile run this morning (more on that Monday).


I occupied my afternoon with my “To-Do” List and a little bit of Glee. For some reason I thought I could just instantly have a block of hotel rooms for the wedding. Wrong! I did get to talk to one group sales manager and everything looks good, but I really wanted to get in touch with another hotel as well. Apparently I was not the only person with today off :)

After finishing another episode of Glee I made a list, checked it twice and got on Pinterest. I was on a mission, I wanted a recipe I love for tonight and a few I have never tried. After talking to Mary the other evening, we both decided to make a conscious effort to jazz up our weekly meals. All it takes is to try one new recipe a week. I love Pinterest because it has made sorting recipe’s into “Recipes To Make” and “Recipes I Love” and prevented my Google Reader from looking like a disaster!


As for the meal I love, I made Kristin’s Homemade Chipotle Bowl. I always make some variation but never to her specifications. Even tonight I left out the chicken. This meal hit the spot! I am so glad I spiced everything to her specifications. Definitely worth the extra bit of time.

To accompany my Chipotle Bowl, Mary and I split a nice bowl of Homemade Guacamole. I simply mashed up one Avocado, added some chopped Onion, Tomatoes and lots of Lime Juice. It was delicious!


Off to watch more glee and fall asleep early. Jay and I have a long weekend of softball ahead of us. I just hope I don’t get too burned :/

And check back later this week for the two new recipes I am going to try!

What are you doing this weekend? And any recipes I should try?