Monday, August 8, 2011

11 On My Own

This weekend Jay and I participated in the Capital Alumni Network Softball Tournament with fellow USC Alumni. Thankfully I had Friday off to squeeze in a “shorter” run on my own.

11 miles

This run was unusually tough. I was able to sleep in until 7 am thanks to the relatively humidity free weather. It felt nice to be out a little later, but I was not used to the sun beating down on me. I kept telling myself that once I was in Georgetown I was half way there.

I choose this run because I am very comfortable with the route. I really miss running among the monuments. My mistake was my break in front of the WWII Memorial. I stopped for a good 5 minutes to refuel and stretch. I was done, I could just feel it. Weighing my options I decided not to visit a friend at work and push on through. I am glad I pushed myself to complete the run but disappointed myself for not going further.

Jay and I have to run 18 miles this coming weekend. We have reached the high mileage!!! Now where to run?

What is your favorite run in DC? What route should we take next weekend when we conquer 18 miles?