Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Wedding Inspiration

When I first got engaged, my friend Charlotte encouraged me to start collecting pictures of anything that stood out to me. She told me that I could find inspiration in anything (even non-wedding items).


Charlotte is by far one of my most creative friends. I am always amazed with what she creates. It is hard to believe a few short years ago I was teaching her to knit and now her skills far surpass mine. She can take any item and turn it into a treasure. She even made one of her friends a bird cage veil for her wedding.


I am not necessarily ‘creatively challenged’, but I also do not have the easiest time putting together a complete look. With the digital world, I find myself finding things all the time while looking through blogs, websites and even promotional e-mails. To keep track of my inspiration I started starring items in Google Reader, e-mailing myself links and jotting down notes in a notebook. This all became overbearing!

After telling Charlotte how disorganized I felt, she told me that her friends send each other digital inspiration boards all the time to figure out what they like and what they don’t. With that, I started my own.


It’s funny, I made this inspiration board in late May and so much has already changed in two months, from dresses to shoes to centerpiece ideas, I may have to start another. I am also sure that much much more will change. The one consistency throughout all these changes lies in the overall theme. From the beginning, I have stayed true to the overall feel of Summer Southern Charm. I love navy blue sun-dresses, daisies, lemon and lime centerpieces, pops of summer colors and comfortable shoes.

My wedding may not be the most fancy-shmancy one, but it will be true to Jay’s and my personalities all the way down to the Chicken Finger station, boat shoes and red velvet cake! yum!

How do you find your inspiration?