Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out of Town Guests

Monday I was fortunate enough to take the day off to spend time with Jay’s parents. Jay’s parents have friends and family all up and down the eastern sea board which makes visiting us easy even though they live almost 10 hours away.

Monday we had the pleasure to show them around one of our favorite accessible tourist attractions, the Capitol. The best part of this attraction is you can book a tour online and it’s free!


You may remember my first visit to the Capitol back in February with my college roommate Nancy. I found the Capitol Tour so interesting that when Jay and I were thinking of a good place to take his parents, it instantly stood out in my mind.

HIs parents really enjoyed the tour. Unfortunately, both Jay and I were disappointed. I think it was because we both had such a great experience our first time around and that the tour is essentially the same material. Regardless we were excited to share this part of our current lives with the family.


After our tour we headed to We Are The Pizza just 3 blocks from the Capitol. The food was great but I think I may make Jay take me again because we didn’t try the soda :(, oh well. There is always next time!

Where do you like to take visitors in your hometown?