Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seven Links

I know this has been going around for a while now but I just love it! Thanks to Liz for tagging me on Monday! Yes it’s Thursday and I am a complete slacker!



I really spent a lot of time perusing old photos to put this post together for my Opa’s 91st Birthday. I sometimes wonder what it will be like when our age group will be in our 90’s. We’ve grown up in a digital age where we have plenty of photos. I thoroughly enjoyed collecting these photos to get a glimpse of my grandfather’s life. 



I am really not surprised that my most popular post is “Better Than A Digital Camera – An Engagement Story”. At this point I was still kind of a closet blogger to my friends and family. As you can imagine, as soon as Jay and I got engaged everyone wanted the details and the blog was suddenly posted on Facebook by my lovely fiancé.

PS: I finally got my new digital camera, yesterday!!! It’s hot pink and I love it!




There is only one post where I wanted to be controversial and it simply did not work “A Deal is Not a Deal”.  I haven’t decided if my blog (which I remind myself is open to the world) is the place for me to complete unload my feelings about the world especially when I could offend someone I see and have to deal with daily. I get really frustrated when people spend money frivolously. Bottom line is the deal isn’t a deal if you don’t have the money!



There are two posts that I get comments on how helpful they are or that they have been bookmarked (love those comments!). Unfortunately I changed my comment system so you can’t read them (oops!).

The first one was more popular as it related to our Wedding Budget. This post was tricky since I wanted to be frank with y’all while not giving away too much. I decided not to divulge our venue costs and concentrate on everything else. In the end I am very glad I posted it.

The other post that has been called helpful is my post “Spend Spend Spend”. In this post I let y’all know where my money goes each month in nice round figures. Specifically my little tirade about where you should spend your clothing money was called the most helpful.

Surprise Success


My post about my Bucket List from High School has been a bigger success than I ever imagined. One of the most common searches my blog is found through is “high school bucket list”. The other is “hairy otter”. I bet those people were surprised when all they found was a post named after a Harry Potter t-shirt about California route 1 ; Who would have thought?!?!

Not Enough Attention


My post on my trip to Venezuela got virtually no attention. Granted it was not the most interesting post and I basically retold what we did. I was slightly disappointed because the trip was so eye-opening to me, but I understand that the post was not. :(

Most Proud


One of the posts I am most proud of isn’t even on my own blog! I really took a lot of time writing my guest post for Clean Eating Chelsey and thinking about where a quarter (or more, eeks) of my life went.

Now this has been going around for a while and I am a complete slacker and just got to writing this post (eeks). If you have not been tagged go do your seven links post and then tell me you did it! I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts! It is fun to see what others think of their own blog.