Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Weekend at the Beach

As I mentioned Thursday, my friend Val and I went to Ocean City Maryland for a nice relaxing girls weekend.

Friday, when we arrived at the beach, we quickly changed into our bathing suits and ran down headed to the beach. That evening was very relaxing as we enjoyed margaritas, scoured through a Brides Magazine, ate mac N cheese and hotdogs, and talked for hours.

Since my parents had the following week at the beach we encouraged them to join us Saturday afternoon. It was very cute how excited they were to hang out with us. And, like promised they showered us with Rum and Coke’s (is it sad that my parents drink stronger drinks than I do?). For dinner, we followed family tradition and had our favorite pizza at Lombardi’s before heading down to the board walk.


Things have definitely changed on the boardwalk. As a child we frequented the arcade, ate funnel cake, and explored Kitty Hawk Kite Loft. Now that we are older and my parents are empty nesters, my Mom enjoys henna tattoo’s and my Dad frozen yogurt.


Now, seriously, what am I going to do with them? My Mom claims this trip’s tattoo is by far the best one she has ever gotten. She was quite pleased!


Even though, she messed it up seconds after getting it and the artist was nice enough to touch it up for her. (Good thing she tipped!)


All in all, Val and I had a great time. We were definitely entertained by my parents who acted like gitty children. Trust me when I say they have lots of plans for their week at the beach. My favorites being their “annual” sunset Ferris Wheel ride and day trip to Historic Berlin. As Val pointed out, it is very cute that both of our parents are still in love.

Do your parents have new vacation traditions that have evolved since your childhood?
What cute things do your parents (or grandparents) do that show they are still very much in love?